Our friends over at www.adeenmagazine.blogspot.com along with Daniel ‘Diggy” Simmons have started a movement which is sure to turn alot of heads! These young and brilliant individuals or as they call themselves ‘Young Crafters’ are ready to take over the world head on. The FREAKS OF NATURE support their movement all the way. Seeing the youth contribute to the world in a positive and progressive way is something we love to see. They are the future. Congrats and may the universe pave the way!!!! Continue reading to se their ‘Mission Statement’.

“Young Crafters” consists of 14 year old Daniel “Diggy” simmons, 15 year old Jovany Perez, and 14 year old Lyna Zerrouki. Three young fashion tastemakers with a phenomenal creative force that have a common goal. They are more than turning their craft into cash, but inspiring young adults to strive for their dreams at an early stage. Combining style, music and the realm of art, these three inventive individuals are the leaders of the new age. Aiming to break new grounds and innovating the creative business. Effortlessly bringing style and creativity to the table as they continue to grow physically and mentally. Outside of “Young Crafters” they each strive independently with their own projects and collaborations but come together as one to show the fashion world that the youth has style as well.


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