After unveiling his full 2015 fall/winter collection last week, Christopher Raeburn presents a new addition to his “RAFT” offering in the form of an inflatable backpack. As the name already hints, this unique backpack is inspired by the life jackets that are worn at sea, and features a premium latex rubber construction that can be inflated or deflated depending on what the wearer feels like. A zip-up closure, adjustable mouth pump and adjustable straps round out the design for this statement piece. Priced at £650 GBP (approximately $999 USD), purchase the Christopher Raeburn inflatable backpack in a vibrant red colorway at select retailers including oki-ni. If you haven’t already check out the entire 2015 FW range here. (VIA HYPEBEAST)CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN RED INFLATABLE BACKPACK christopher-raeburn-red-inflatable-backpack-product-1-498442279-normal_large_flex  christopher-raeburn-red-inflatable-backpack-product-4-498442488-normal_large_flex


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