Christian Morales


 Feel free to drop us an e-mail . We appreciate all forms of artistic expression and positive attitudes from all walks of life. We are more than grateful for all the support we’ve been given and only ask of the world to stay focused on your dreams and keep the creativity coming.


One thought on “Contact

  1. Dear Freaks ,

    This is a mail to warn you about a new men’s line called DEF CON ONE

    Its primary focus is to attack the Men’s market in a way it has never experienced..

    They are tired of the same old shit in the stores , and said enough is enough !

    They have the talent and resources to change what they don’t like.

    Their gorilla marketing campaign is only started, boasting they do not fear the law or the consequences of their actions.

    Screaming slogans like “Put it in , or we’ll put it on you !!” , Accosting innocent strangers in the street !!

    their identity hidden behind gas masks.

    This is a dangerous trend , and should not be encouraged in any way.

    look at this clip and you will see what I mean !!

    best regards

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